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    • 2300+

      Factory Area of 2300 ㎡

    • 180+

      180+ Production Equipment

    • 200+

      200+ Employees

    • 3000+

      Annual Production Capacity 30 Million+

    • 50+

      Exported to 50+ Countries

    Our Services
    If you need to customize hats with special functions, such as protection, warmth, breathability, etc., our factory is more capable of meeting these requirements
  • OEM processing

    One-stop design and production, just provide your logo and ideas

  • Bulk order

    New products are released regularly, order any style you like and get fast delivery

  • Sample processing

    Just provide your own sample and we will produce it for you

  • Custom Mock Up

    You provide the mock up and we produce according to your needs

  • Powerful Manufacturers Carefully Produced
    The factory has a professional sales team, covering an area of 2,300 square meters, more than 180 production equipment, and more than 200 employees.
    Samples can be made on the same day as soon as possible, and the annual output reaches 30 million pieces.
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    Customized hats, as a fashion accessory, not only showcase individuality, but also add a professional atmosphere to various activities and competit......
    Customized hats to add a professional atmosphere to events and competitions
    In today's fashion trend, personalized customization has become a trend, and people are eager to showcase their individuality through unique outfit......
    Creative design, hat processing and customization, making your image unique
    In today's society, brand logo has become an important component of corporate image, representing the brand image and cultural connotation of the e......
    Customized hat processing to make your brand logo more professional and high-quality
    In today's society, the importance of brands is self-evident. The key to a successful brand lies in its logo, and how can this logo quickly spread ......
    OEM customization of hats to create a unique brand image
    In today's fiercely competitive market environment, companies and teams need to find unique ways to showcase their brand image and team cohesion. C......
    Customized hats to build brand image and team cohesion
    Show Your Personality: Customizing an exclusive hat can undoubtedly showcase your personality. Whether it's choosing your favorite color or pattern......
    Create an exclusive hat to create your fashionable and trendy look
    In today's society, the importance of brands is self-evident. The key to a successful brand lies in its logo, and how can this logo quickly spread ......
    Efficient hat OEM processing, allowing your brand logo to quickly spread
    Creative hat labeling processing is an effective way to make your brand logo more attractive. Through careful design and processing, the brand logo......
    Creative design and hat OEM processing make your brand logo more attractive
    Customized hat OEM processing is a process of directly printing or sewing the brand logo on the hat. This processing method not only effectively di......
    Customized hat OEM processing, adding professionalism and quality to your brand
    In the current fiercely competitive market environment, shaping brand image has become crucial. As a fashionable accessory, hats have become one of......
    Hat OEM Cooperation: Jointly Building Successful Brand Partners
    In the fiercely competitive market environment of modern business, many brands and enterprises choose to entrust the manufacturing of products to p......
    Hat OEM manufacturer, providing you with a one-stop solution
    In today's era, individuality and uniqueness have become the fashion trends that people pursue. As an indispensable accessory, hats not only protec......
    Personalized hat customization, showcasing your unique style
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